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Why so many apples (& peaches) this year?!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

So if you've been by the orchard (just ride down County Route 12 to see our "old" orchard) you'll see apple "waterfalls" going on... what gives?

Well, last year (2020) we had a freezing cold night in April and it shocked the trees (apple and peaches both) - and we had a much smaller crop as a result.

Flash forward to 2021 and guess what the trees do? Bless their barky hearts, they try to make up for last year's loss by overproducing! All good right? Well, not really... too many apples or peaches = golf ball size fruit... and no one wants that. We do our best to thin the fruit - taking off extra apples and peaches so the remaining fruit grows larger. But alas, we did not thin enough (it's not an exact science and doing it by hand is super labor intensive of course)... and here we are with a very abundant crop! (Luckily, we've had a decent amount of rain + sun so the size is pretty good!) Jeffrey was interviewed by the Record recently talking about the big crop and its challenges. So...bottom line is: we have a lot of apples so we're counting on all of you to eat more of them! Thanks in advance! ;)


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