Fun & Events on the Farm

Welcome 2021!  
Hooray for a more “normal” season this year, with plenty of wholesome, safe, and mostly outdoor fun! Join us for fun activities for all ages

Weekend times TBA

Live Music at the Tap Room
Orchard Hill’s Facebook page is the best place for updates on music.


Dinner at the Farm - typically monthly

-- suspended for time being til things calm down with covid --
see the dinners page for more info

Chef Anthony makes a delicious meal and shares hints and sources for a truly fun & interactive event.



Do you have animals / a petting zoo?
Besides our farm dog Hudson, we don’t. 
We’re more about great food, and really, barnyard animals and food don’t mix too well!

Can I have my wedding on the farm?

We are usually not able to do larger events (over 90 or so), but have hosted smaller parties, rehearsal dinners, showers, etc. Give us or the Tap Room at Orchard Hill Cider Mill a call to inquire.

Friendly reminder that outside food and beverages are not permitted.

We are following liquor laws here, so thanks in advance for helping us stay on the up and up!