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What’s a farm store without apple pie or an apple cider donut?



What’s a farm store without apple cider donuts & pie?

Our sentiments exactly – so we have both and a whole lot more!


Nov 2021: James and I were on WALL radio with DJ Kate, talking pies - there's some great tips in here for those cooking at home! And a great idea for leftovers (put them in a "pie"!)

Baked goods galore right here… from pies, to loaf cakes, to donuts, to muffins, to apple turnovers, to cookies & tarts … the delicious list goes on!  

Our primary baker is Scotty's Country Kitchen, founded in 1987 by Laura (Soons) and husband Scott Thornton. (They named the bakery for Scott’s grandfather.) The idea was simple - take the amazing fruit and cider of Soons Orchards and use it to create amazing pies! Real old-fashioned pies like Grandma made, with hand-rolled flaky dough and fresh fruits peeled and sliced by hand… you can taste the difference for sure. **NOTE that Scotty's is building a new space for their offerings, so their products are not available at Soons until further notice.**

We also cook a bunch of deliciousness in-house – including our sinfully good apple cider donut bread pudding! We make apple cider donuts every day (except Monday usually). If you want them hot give us a call in the AM to get an estimate of when the first will be ready. On fall weekends we make donuts all day long so chances are you’ll be eating a hot donut, though you may have to wait a bit (soooo worth it tho!)

You can pre-order goodies to be sure they’re here…just give us a call! You can also 
call the store to see if what you want is in before you come…we are happy to hold items for you!*

(*note we can't do this Thanksgiving week, it's just too busy! so please pre-order online) by the Sunday before T-giving to pre-order)


Can I freeze apple cider donuts? Yes!

We're testing several methods of freeze and then thaw to eat and our recommendation will appear here soon!

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