Welcome to our Farm Store & Market

So what’s a farm store or farm market* anyway?

For us, it’s an on-farm market where you can get fresh-grown produce and delicious homemade treats, like apple cider donuts or apple pies made from scratch. Plus, faves like fresh-pressed apple cider, homemade applesauce, our own kettle corn, fudge and nut butters.   

















We also think it’s important to complement our homegrown fruit and vegetables with local food – like local produce, local honey, local milk, local eggs, local beef… you get the idea.

To help you save time, we have other everyday favorites, pantry basics and ingredients you need to make a great meal.  

Plus, our farm store is a place where you can try it before you buy it! You’ll love our samples.

It’s also a place where the staff cares and will learn your name (if that’s OK with you of course!).

And oh yeah, Soons grows apples – 85 kinds in fact – that you will love. Our customers self-proclaim themselves to be Apple Snobs. Life’s too short for bad apples, right?

Come visit us – the Soons farm store is open daily. We look forward to meeting you!

PS Soons farm store is also the hub for fun with friends & family. Enjoy fall weekends at the farm with a visit to U-Pick apples, a wagon ride to pick pumpkins, lunch at the Tap Room, and extra homemade yummies like our famous candy apples.  

*not to be confused with farmers’ markets – where many farms and other vendors gather in one location – Soons does attend the Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market (May to November)