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Happy Holidays

Soons is open daily 9-6; Christmas Eve til 4; Closed Dec 25

Pies, donuts & more - plus great gifts- for the food fans in your life!


Delicious pies, donuts, and cheesecake options for your holiday meals (or give them too!) Plus gift baskets, gift certificates and apple gift packs! 
For basket orders we need a day's notice; we will have some pre-made for sale in the store. 

Pie orders now closed! Stop by the store to see what's on the shelf. (Pls, no calls to hold pies, it's first come first served. thanks!) 

Quirky things on ordering to note! Please read before heading down the page to order - thank you!
-On mobile, to add more to your cart just hit the back button on your browser (there's no "continue shopping" link, sorry!)
-For delivery orders (within 10 miles of Soon
s), use your deliver-to address when it asked for delivery details. 
-For delivery orders please choose your preferred delivery day - note it defaults to the next available day - if you don't want that day, please choose another!

-If you want delivery for some things AND store pickup for others, you will need to do separate orders! (sorry!) 
-If you have any issues pls email us at sharon (at) so we can address them! thanks!! 

Of course, we'll also be putting pies on the shelf as they are made in the days before Christmas, though supplies will vary.
And yes - we'll be making donuts, of course!
No need to order apple cider, we'll have plenty that week! 

Finally, if you need a Scotty's pie (white & red box), you'll need to head to their site (same as last year Their pie stand, across from our store, will also be open for drop-in purchases.  


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