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'til the season... for pies!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Thanksgiving is just around the corner...! Time to plan ahead...and to be sure to leave room for dessert! If you want to make your own pumpkin or apple pies, we have you covered.

[James and I did a spot with Kate on WALL radio, lots of great info in the audio file!] Try our homegrown squash, like "hubbard" or the "milk pan pie pumpkin" (aka "LI cheese pumpkin") - both are great for pies (and you can freeze whatever extra you have, or turn it into another side dish).

Or, of course, our many homegrown apples. Which is the best apple to use for pie? We get this question a lot, and the answer is.... it depends! Like most things, it's personal preference on what apple makes the best pie.

For homemade pies, you can go the Scotty's route and use a blend of apples, or stick with your favorite varieties. And while some folks say no to Macintosh, as they cook way down, others swear by them!

Classics like Northern Spy, Idared, Jonamac, Jonathan, Jonagold, our very own Lady Jean, Stayman Winesap, and Golden Delicious are great for a delicious apple pie. (Don't think you have to follow that recipe that calls for Granny Smith! We think an apple from right here in the Hudson Valley will always beat a Granny from across the country!)

Try the Scotty's secret too of cooking down our apple cider into a "cider syrup" and using that as a sweetener, reducing (or eliminating) the need for sugar. (That's how they make such tasty "no sugar apple pies")

Or just stick to the turkey, and let us do the pies. Choose from Scotty's pies, Mad Batter's gluten-free pies, or our own home-baked options. Online ordering is here at long last (yay!) - which we highly recommend. (Please get your pie order in by November 20th.)

Staffing is tight this year, so choices are reduced some. And while there will be pies for walk-in customers without pre-orders, it's sometimes a bit of a game of chance, as we're never quite sure what will be on the shelf when. So again, we do recommend placing your order now for pick up during the week, or on Thanksgiving morning itself. (You can also pre-order our famous apple cider donuts!) As in past years, we'll be making apple cider for two or three days straight to be sure we have enough, so orders for cider are not needed.

Here's a fun, safe and pie-filled holiday with family and friends for Thanksgiving 2021!

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