U-Pick Peaches

Depending on the crop, we open up our peach orchard for pick your own for one or two weekends in August (usually 10a to 4p). (Check our Facebook page for the latest info!)
2022 update: we have a very short peach crop this season due to a very cold night in April... peach u-pick is still TBA, so we may have enough, we may not -- pls stay tuned!)

Our peach orchard is up beyond our apple trees, so you can walk (wear sturdy shoes!) or take a wagon up with us to the top of the hill (if available - call ahead to ask). Look for the “This Row Ready’ signs, and only pick what’s ripe, please!

U-Pick Peach Orchard Address

634 County Route 50, New Hampton NY

(just around the corner from our market store!)



Good to Know

Sorry, no pets please

No climbing trees or pulling on branches

Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes

Picker poles are not permitted

No outside bags (backpacks, totes, etc.) allowed

The last wagon loads 30 minutes before closing

We accept cash, card, or Venmo payments

Please take out whatever you bring in

Pricing - 2022 - tba

How to Pick Your Own Peaches

  • Peaches that are ripe will have a slight softness when pressed around the stem or shoulder of the peach and will have some coloring (yellow). Beware: don’t press so hard that you leave finger impressions!

  • The fruit runs the finest quality, 80% grade US #1 off the tree, but there will be a few “seconds” with blemishes.

  • Please keep the peaches you pick. You are free to pick any peaches you choose, from hard to soft-ripe. All of the peaches you pick today will ripen/soften eventually. You may discard any diseased fruit or fruit with extensive scaring ONLY.

  • Peaches are delicate. Place your peaches in your bag carefully without dropping them.

We will supply bags for you to use. Again, do not overfill bags!

Store peaches below 40 degrees or above 60 degrees. The twenty degree range from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit is known as the “kill zone.” Peaches stored for more than a few days in this temperature range will develop a dry, pithy flesh similar to what is found in inferior supermarket fare.

  • Be smart. Common sense rules apply: Don’t climb trees, shake trees, or otherwise damage them. Every year someone breaks a tree - please don't be that person. (PS If you are, we will throw you out promptly!)

  • Respect your farmers and fellow pickers... throwing fruit, stealing fruit or otherwise being a jerk is cause for ejection from the orchard.


Thanks for coming out to pick peaches!
Enjoy this wonderful taste of summer and be sure to tag us on Instagram!


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