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Farm Dinner Menus


Dinner at Farm at Soons Orchards features a unique menu each month, created specifically to feature what’s fresh and in season – after all, that’s what farm to table dining is all about, right?

Please note that menus are typically finalized as we get closer to dinner dates (based on ingredient availability and seasonality). We encourage you not to wait though, as often seats will sell out before the menu is even posted!


With proper notice, we can accommodate most food restrictions/allergies.

November 17 2023 Dinner at the Farm MENU

Passed Hors D’oeuvres
  • Chef's House Made Cacio E Pepe Croquettes, Lemon Aioli 

  • House Ground Filet Mignon Slider, Local Cheese, House Made “Big Mac Sauce” Crispy Onions, House Made Pickle 

  • Pumpkin Risotto Croquette, Maple Sauce 

  • Crispy Coconut Shrimp, Orange Thai Chili Sauce

  • Local Wild Mushroom Hush Puppies, Green Goddess Dressing  

Chefs Charcuterie And Antipasto w/ Chef's House Made Mozzarella, Imported And Local Cheeses

Bread At The Table

Served With Chef's House Made Seasonal Butter With Black Lava Salt 


Chefs' Fresh Pasta, Local Mushroom And Truffle Cream w/

Aged Parm, Crispy Garlic 

Entree Individual Plated

Chef's Pan Roasted Skirt Steak,
House Made Parmesan Steak Frites
House Made Creamed Spinach

Port Wine Demi Glace, Fresh Herbs 


Chef's Torta De La Nona

 Candied Pine Nuts, House Made Ice Cream


October 20 2023 Dinner at the Farm menu

Passed hors d’oeuvres
● Asian braised heritage short rib tostada, local carrot slaw
● Local mushroom taquito, house made hot sauce, green goddess dressing, cotija cheese
● Pumpkin risotto croquette, maple sauce
● Crispy coconut shrimp, orange thai chili sauce
● Chef's falafel- lemon herb aioli
● Butternut squash hush puppies, brown butter and sage herb aioli

Served with chef's house made seasonal butter with black lava salt

Chef's hand made local lamb kofta, spicy yogurt sauce
Cucumber and tomato and feta slaw, fresh herbs

Chef's pan roasted airline chicken breast, parmesan and truffle whipped mashed potatoes, local greens, white wine chicken jus

Chef's local warm pear tart crisp, house made ice cream

August 31 Dinner at the Farm Menu

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Mini Yorkshire puddings

warm roast beef, caramelized onions, au jus

Chef’s heirloom tomato bruschetta, aged balsamic
smoked duck quesadilla, guacamole

smoked salmon, house-made potato cake, chive sour cream

Butternut squash hush puppies, maple sauce (v)

Chef’s tomato and cheese bar:
Heirloom tomato and antipasto and chef’s house-made mozzarella, imported and local cheeses

Bread at the table

Served with chef's house-made seasonal butter with black lava salt



Chef’s fresh pasta, cheese house-made vodka sauce, fresh herbs, sauteed garlic shrimp, aged parmesan


Entree individual plated

Chef’s black angus skirt steak pinwheel, parmesan steak frites, port wine demi-glace, fresh herbs



Soons warm peach & pear tart, caramel, local ice cream

August 11 Dinner at the Farm Menu

Passed Apps

Mexican street style corn cakes

Grilled peaches with ricotta and honey

Heirloom tomato pizzas with garlic chips

Roasted carrots

Chicken nuggets w/ peach buffalo sauce 

Mr. Soons corn chowder 

MAIN course

Grilled flat iron steaks w/ heirloom tomato sauce & Japanese sweet potatoes 


Soons apple cider donut inspired dessert perfection tba!   

July 28 Dinner at the Farm Menu
Passed hors d’oeuvres

Pan roasted jumbo shrimp “scampi” style, white wine, lemon, butter and herbs


Chef’s hand made “picadillo style” empanadas

Green goddess dressing


Chef’s truffle and asiago risotto croquettes.

Lemon herb aioli


Braised short rib slider, pretzel bun, house made pickle


Roasted local meatballs,

Stuffed with smoked gouda, served with San

Marzano vodka sauce


Chef’s smoked duck quesadilla, house made guacamole


Chefs seasonal grazing station

Including locally sourced vegetable antipasto and house made pickles local
and imported meats and cheeses


 Bread at the table

Served with chef's house made seasonal butter with black lava salt



Pan roasted sea scallops, local fingerling potatoes and hash, white wine and lemon butter sauce


 Entree served family style

Chef’s A1 marinated and chargrilled hanging tender steak, port wine demi-glace, house made au gratin potatoes with Calkins creamy cheese and aged parmesan, seasonal vegetables   



Dessert served family style

Chef’s house made Soons Orchard peach tart, house made ice cream, caramel, toasted nut brittle 

June 23, 2023 

Passed hors d’oeuvres


Pan roasted smoked duck quesadilla, fresh guacamole


Chefs house made whipped ricotta, Soons Orchard apple, cider reduction, Soons apples


Chefs seasonal item


Chefs bacon wrapped dates, whipped goat cheese


Chefs fried artichokes- lemon herb aioli


Chefs seasonal grazing station


Bread at the table

Served with chef's house made seasonal butter with black lava salt



Chefs pan roasted jumbo shrimp with, Soons Orchard garlic scapes, white wine butter sauce, herbs


Entree served family style

Chefs chargrilled hanging tender steak, green goddess, seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs      


Dessert served family style

Chefs house made vanilla and chocolate bread pudding, ice cream, creme anglaise, fresh fruit

April 28, 2023

Passed HORS D'OEUVRES at Orchard Hill
with fresh guacamole
Chef’s house-made crostini with
 a Soons apple cider reduction
Asian style with wonton crisp and a local carrot and sesame slaw
with seasonal selections of meats, fruit, and cheeses
served with Chef’s house-made seasonal butter with black lava salt
with white bean and spring pea ragu, white wine butter and wild ramps, and crispy prosciutto
Chef’s bone-in pork chop, parmesan whipped mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables with Soons apple cider pork jus and fresh herbs
with whipped cream

March 24, 2023 

Passed hors d’oeuvres @ Orchard Hill Tap Room


Chef’s guava glazed pork shoulder, on a mini toasta, with gochujang local vegetable slaw 


Chef’s saffron and herb & 24 month aged parmesan croquettes, garlic and herb aioli 


Thinly sliced ribeye crostini, horseradish cream, fresh herbs 


Cacio e pepe pasta bites

Black pepper cream shaved egg yolk


Chefs handmade beef empanadas, 

Roasted red pepper romesco 


Chef’s seasonal grazing boards 

Dinner in the store 

Bread at the table

Served with chef's house made seasonal butter with black lava salt 



Chef Anthony's jumbo lump crab scampi mac and cheese, parmesan bread crumbs fresh herbs  

Entree (Plated)

Chefs crispy chicken breast, parm and crispy bread crumbs, lemon and herb spiced orzo, green goddess dressing local greens.

Dessert (family style)

Chefs house made pecan pie, fresh whipped crème, shaved chocolate.

Feb 17 2023 Menu 

Chef’s handmade braised short rib taquito, house made
Green style mojo picón, black garlic coulis, hot sauce
Seasonal risotto croquettes
Chef’s spicy tuna taco, wonton taco shell & seasonal slaw
Chef’s butternut squash hush puppies with maple sauce
Chef’s handmade “picadillo style” empanadas
Green goddess dressing
& Chef’s seasonal grazing boards
Bread at the table
Served with chef’s house made seasonal butter with black lava salt
Chefs French onion soup, local “black dirt” onions
 handmade cheesy croutons, fresh herbs
Chef’s marinated hanger steak, local cheesy polenta, 
Seasonal vegetable, portwine demi-glace crispy garlic
served family style
Chef’s house made chocolate crème brulee pie 
Fresh whipped cream, shaved chocolate
January 2023 farm dinner menu

December 29 Menu

Passed hors d’oeuvres @ Orchard Hill Cider Mill

Korean BBQ pork tostadas with carrot salad

Saffron and cheese risotto croquettes served with lemon herb aioli

Mini chicken meatballs served with red pepper coulis, grated Parmesan, fresh herbs

Tuna poke on crispy sticky rice topped with spicy mayo and sesame

Bread at the Table

Asiago baguette served with whipped seasonal butter and black lava salt


Pan roasted beef meatballs in San Marzano tomato sauce, served with crispy garlic, house made ricotta, and toasted crostini

Entree (Served Family Style)

Classic chicken marsala in a roasted mushroom sauce, served with saffron steamed rice, seasonal vegetables, and local herbs


Chef’s sticky apple cake with butterscotch, served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream

October 21 2022
Passed hors d’oeuvres
Chefs crispy wontons with whipped ricotta, apple mustarta, cider reduction
Chefs three cheese cacio e pepe mac and cheese bites with spicy herb mayo
Local mushroom risotto croquettes, lemon & herb aioli
Tempura shrimp lettuce cups, citrus sauce, with carrot slaw
Chefs seasonal flatbread 
 Bread at the table
Served with whipped seasonal butter and black lava salt
Chefs burrata, roasted squash with
Toasted pumpkin seeds, aged balsamic & fresh herbs 
Entree - Served Family Style
Fresh pasta, with 6 hour braised short rib, port wine sugo,
Aged parmesan, crispy garlic & gremolata
Chefs chocolate and walnut brownie in a jar,
Served with a scoop of homemade madagascar vanilla ice cream

Friday, August 12th


Passed hors d’oeuvres

Chef’s Mini Cheesesteaks with Crispy Local Onions  

Soons SWEET Bi-color Corn Hush Puppies with Seasonal Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Dates with Whipped Local Goat Cheese 

Chef’s Seasonal Flatbread - whatever is freshest at Soons! 

Sweet and Spicy Ahi Tuna on a Wonton Crisp topped with Soons Orchards Vegetables

Bread at the table

Served with Whipped Seasonal Butter and Black Lava Salt



Soons Orchards Sweet Corn Bisque with Seared Scallop & Crispy Onions


Entree (served family style)

Local Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Hot Honey, Fresh Herbs with Local Greens, 

Shaved Seasonal Toppings, Grilled Lemon Vin, Honey Roasted Seasonal Vegetables with Tahini Yogurt Dressing 



Classic Peach Cobbler featuring Soons Orchards Peaches 

and House Made Ice Cream

July 15

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Sweet and Spicy Ahi Tuna On a Wonton Crisp

Chef’s bruschetta with local goat cheese and balsamic glaze on focaccia crisp

Summer vegetable hush puppies w/seasonal sauce

Watermelon and feta skewers with Soons Orchards cider reduction

Chef’s seasonal - whatever is freshest at soons!


Bread at the table

Served with whipped seasonal butter and black lava salt.



First of the year tomatoes served with house-made burrata, grilled garlic loaf,

balsamic glaze, fresh basil



Served family stye

Chef’s seasonal risotto served with butter and lemon poached shrimp,

crispy garlic and fresh herbs



Chef’s Seasonal shortcake with Soons Orchards peaches,

served with Madagascar vanilla whipped cream

June 2022

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Crispy saffron risotto croquettes- lemon garlic aioli

Pan roasted smokey citrus shrimp with bacon

Chef's handmade soons orchard garlic scape hush puppies, green goddess dressing chefs garlic knot Quaker Creek sausage and pepper sliders

Chefs seasonal- whatever is picked that week at soons!

Bread at the table, served with whipped seasonal butter and black lava salt.

Appetizer served family style

Fresh pasta, charred soons orchard garlic scapes, charred corn, local hot house tomatoes, white wine butter sauce, aged parmesan, fresh basil



Pan roasted seasonal fish, roasted potatoes with arugula and lemon butter.
Seasonal vegetable, red pepper coulis


Chef's seasonal creme brulee , served with madagascar vanilla whipped creme and shaved chocolate

April 2022

Passed hors d’oeuvres

Chef's smoked mozzarella stuffed local beef meatballs with 
San Marzano tomato sauce & crispy garlic
West Indian spiced rubbed chicken with pineapple sambal
Mini baked brie, local fruit compote
Sautéed Citrus Shrimp - pan roasted shrimp with bacon jalapeño jam



Brown butter roasted cauliflower soup with locally sourced crispy bacon and fresh herbs


Pan roasted cream spinach stuffed airline chicken breast with red pepper coulis, garlicky potato purée, glazed carrots, micro herbs


Chefs hand made Soons Orchards apple crisp in a jar, 
Madagascar vanilla ice cream & caramel drizzle


July 2021

Hors d’oeuvres
Local cherry - honeycomb - whipped ricotta crostini w/ pomegranate balsamic glaze
Pan seared pepper jelly and bacon shrimp
Hudson Valley pork belly skewers with 
house-made pickle + hoisin sauce & pomegranate glaze
Baked Brie with Soons homemade strawberry sauce

Chef’s fresh pasta served w/ garlic scape pesto cream + sundried tomatoes 
Soons Orchards summer squash, 24-month aged Parmesan

Pan seared sous vide Campenelli Farms chicken thighs, lemon thyme chicken jus, 
roasted new potatoes, herb salad

Banana fosters bread pudding w/ salted caramel and 
Madagascar vanilla bean Hudson Valley Fresh Creme Anglaise

January 2020

Hors d’oeuvres
Assorted flat breads

Roasted butternut squash salad

Grilled salmon with lentils

Coconut cream pie

farm dinner starter crostini_edited.png

August 2019

Hors d’oeuvres
Chefs' seasonal snacks

Soons sweet corn chowder w/ crab cake

​Roast chicken with peach salsa & cous cous stuffed tomato & mushrooms

Tres leches cake with peach compote

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