Peach Picking?
Yes maybe a weekend (or two if we are lucky!) in August! 
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U-Pick Apples is busy growing!
See you back again Labor Day weekend 2017!
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U-Pick Apples!
See you Labor Day Weekend 2017!!!

U-Pick pumpkins returns late September 2017

Check our hotline for regular updates:
(845) 670-4540

About our U-Pick Apple Orchard

NOTE: more than a light drizzle closes U-Pick... remember it might not be raining where you are, and still be raining here! Check zip code 10958.

We have smaller sized "dwarf" apple trees, so kids and adults alike will have a great time picking their own apples. Plus our orchard is easy to navigate and not *so* big that anyone will get lost! And we have easy highway access off I-84 and Rt. 17 - avoid those one-way in & out traffic jams!
Remember, our U-Pick is a one minute drive from our store —
U-Pick address for GPS: 632 County Route 50, New Hampton NY 10958.
It’s easy to go to U-Pick first and then stop into the store for other goodies like donuts and cider! 


How does it work?

You can buy as many bags as you like, but cannot bring your own. 

We will see you back next year, starting Labor Day Weekend 2017!

 No credit cards @ U-pick (you can pay w/credit cards at our store first)

Please note the sidebar about not taking any other bags into the orchard. We can’t believe what people will do to steal apples - help us put an end to this by reporting theft and inappropriate behavior to our security staff. We thank you in advance.

Parking in our grassy lot is free, just please be patient on busy weekends. (Note: we *always* pick off the trees - unlike some places that have deceptively called pulling apples out of a bin or basket "apple picking." Also note these are the only bag sizes available; sorry, but smaller bags are not available for children etc; we've found kids often spill their bags, leading to a lot of waste, so we're counting on the parents to be designated bag handlers.)

Learn more and how best to pick apples from James in this short video! 

Please note that due to an excess of inappropriate behavior in recent years that there will be zero tolerance for prohibited actions such as climbing trees, shaking trees, picking apples you don't intend to purchase, or putting apples in anything other than purchased bags. Our U-Pick Patrol is watching! Offenders will be asked to leave the orchard and no refunds will be given; those caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

U-Pick what to wear: Wear sturdy shoes and consider pants ... our orchard is grassy so you'll probably be happier with your legs covered. If it's been wet you may want boots.

U-Pick how to pick: Pick in the designated ready rows (no sense picking fruit that isn't mature - it won't taste the way it should!) what you can reach. Pick by grasping the apple and gently twisting and bending at the stem. Don't pull - you'll likely knock other apples to the ground. The best pickers don't knock any apples off the tree. Treat your apples like eggs - they bruise easily. Refrigerate them when you get home for the best crunch! Climbing trees or shaking trees is a big no-no. Respect your fellow pickers and our orchard by picking with care! :) Please note, we do not allow "pole pickers" - no exceptions. Our policy is to always have apples you can reach, if we don’t, we'll issue a refund. When there are not enough apples for everyone to reach, we close U-Pick (some years this is mid-October, some it's early November. Check back/call us for updates).

Groups larger than 12:
(for school groups, see here) please call or e-mail us so we can plan for your arrival. [Please note that we typically limit groups; NO BUSSES - other larger orchards are more appropriate and equipped for groups by bus.] Groups should plan on a 1/2 bushel-per-five-person minimum (i.e., for every 5 people, plan on getting at least one half-bushel bag). Sufficient adult supervision of younger visitors and those with special needs is a must. Large groups (more than 10 children or 15 adults) require advance notice and appropriate adult supervision. We encourage you to plan your visit for weekend mornings, to avoid the busiest part of the day.
We reserve the right to ask groups without sufficient supervision to leave the orchard. Payment is required upon entry into the orchard; cash or institutional check. Call ahead for those needing to pay by credit card.

Other things:
Pets - No pets allowed in the orchard please; parking area is OK; dogs should be friendly to humans and fellow dogs. Respect your fellow pickers by cleaning up, and keeping your pet on-leash and under control at all times.
Picnics - there is no designated area for picnics at the U-Pick and facilities are limited.
Visit our store and enjoy a beverage from the Tasting Room!

Pole Pickers - we don't allow these. see above.

Cars - this is a 5-acre orchard, so only access by foot is possible. U-Pickers should be steady on their feet - this is a working orchard with the usual obstacles - try as we do to fill every woodchuck hole, we can't seem to keep up! 

Expected apple picking schedule*September 2, 2017 'til supplies last (sometime between Columbus Day and Nov 1., depending on weather, supply & demand. please check our hotline for updates.)

Please note!
Due to excessive amounts of theft, NO BAGS of any type larger than a football will be allowed into the orchard. Please plan accordingly.
Baby bags and carriages, as well as larger camera bags, will be checked upon exit.

We appreciate our many many honest and good pickers tolerating this rule so we can catch and dissuade the thieves from ever returning to our orchard.

Thank you!

Sept 3/4 & Labor Day

September 10/11
>> Gala
>> Macs ( a few, maybe)
>> Golden Supreme
>> Tsugaru

September 17,18
>> Arlet
>> Redcort
>> Golden supreme (maybe)

>> Cortland (maybe)
September 24/25
>> Cortland
>> Snow Sweet
>> Lady Jean (very few)
>> Liberty
>> Macoun
>> Red Cort
>> Golden Supreme
>> Gala
>> Frier Von Burlach
October 1/2/3
>> Gala
>> Empire
>> Red Delicious (not all are ready but we will let folks pick)
>> Old-style Red Delicious
>> Cortland (if remaining)
>> Liberty (only a few remain)
>> Yataka Fuji (some)
>> Macoun
>> Bonnie St. Clair ( a Soons original)
>> Cameo (maybe)
October 8/9/10 Columbus Day- please note we may be sold out after one of the columbus day weekend days…please check back or call our hotline.
>> Red Delicious
Red Delicious (vintage)
>> Jonagold
>> Golden Delicious
>> Empire (if remaining)
>> Yataka Fuji (if remaining)
>> Cameo (if remaining)
October 15/16 TBA
No dogs in the orchards; grassy parking lot OK
No bags larger than a football allowed into the orchard
No busses!!

Pick your own pumpkins begins September 16 or 23rd, 2017
Sat/Sun about 11 to 4:30, depending on demand. Wagon rides leave from the area behind the main store.

We run one wagon on slower days and two wagons on busier ones. As one wagon goes out, one is returning; depending on which field we go to, the whole trip is about 30 to 45 minutes.


Happy wagon riders get ready to head to the pumpkin patch!


Pumpkins of all shapes & sizes for kids of all ages!

Bring the family, bring your friends, bring everyone -- it's fun for all ages!