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Farm Market & Apple Orchard Tour 
Farm Market and Apple Orchard Tour
Typically offered mid-September through mid-October. We have offered blossom tours (early May) as well.

Includes: Walking tour of the orchard and discussion of horticultural practices of growing apples and other crops, as well as apple picking by the children (bags are provided); adults may pick as well, as all attendees who enter our working orchard pay the same tour fee. Tour ends with a visit thru the Soons farm market along with a snack treat of cider and donut.

Tour of the grounds surrounding and in the farm stand, including our apple peeler, cold storage, cider mill and apple grading operation. Tour finishes with an apple cider and cider donut sample. *Depending on the day, cider-making may be in progress.

2017 fee $5.50 per person fee (all attendees). Tour lasts approximately one hour.
• Recommended for pre-K to 3rd grade.
• Tour sizes should be less than 30 people including children and adults, minimum 12.

Adult tours not provided at this time.
We prefer to book tours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays; and tours should end by 4pm. To reserve a date, please call us 845-374-5471.

"Dear Soons Orchard, Thank you... we had an amazing time, and the kids had so much fun learning about the orchard and picking apples! We look forward to coming again!" -- Elisabeth, Harlem Academy

Pumpkin Picking With Hay Wagon Ride 
Pumpkin Picking with a hay wagon ride.

$6.00 per person; begins mid/late Sept 2017

Hay ride to the pumpkin fields/patch, discussion of pumpkin growing, and pumpkin picking (one “baby bear” pumpkin per child). Adults and children pay the same per-person fee.

Max people per wagon is 32-35. - Tour lasts approximately one hour.

Combination orchard and pumpkin tour:

2017 Fee: $9/person  Allow at least an hour and half.

Recommended for pre-K to 3rd grade.

Adult tours not provided.

We prefer to book tours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays; and tours should end by 4pm. To reserve a date, please call us (845) 374-5471

Combined tours of apple and pumpkin picking are possible as well - Let us know.

What does the fee cover?
The fee partially covers the cost of the apples (apple picking by youngsters produces a lot of waste via dropped apples, which cannot be used), our time and labor to conduct the tour and, depending on the tour, use of our equipment. Soons did free farm tours for local schools for over 25 years, but with our labor expenses, insurance and maintenance costs continually rising, we must (as all other farms do as well) charge a fee for our tours.

Reach us at the orchard at 845-374-5471, or e-mail:

We welcome school groups - educating children about apples and farming is something we've been doing since the 1960s.
We're proud to say our low-key tours get great reviews.

Educators, please book your tours early - feel free to call us starting in mid-August!