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Apple Gift Packs 
Send Apples by mail with an Apple Gift Pack from Soons Orchards!

Give yourself or someone special a gift of apples and a whole lot more, if you like.

Our gift packs are perfect for everyone, whether it’s friends and family or important business associates and clients*.
Apple Gift Box

Shipping Great Apples Is Easy With Our Apple Gift Packs

Our gift packs begin with specially-selected extra fancy apples (3 3/8" +/- 1/4"), which are shined by hand and carefully packed into a shock-absorbing foam “case.” This special packing protects your apples so they arrive as perfect as when they were packed. Even better, our packs cost much less than those fancy catalogs!

We can also include a card for the occasion with your message.

We've shipped apples all over the country with excellent results using UPS (please note, due to their state regulations, we can't ship to California or Arizona).

Shipping for the 2016 season begins Oct 15 ; prices below do not include shipping, which depends on the UPS zone of the recipient's address (as an example, ground shipping to FL for a single is about $10-12.) Order early to be sure we can meet your desired delivery dates. We reserve the right to delay shipping if the weather is too hot or too cold. SHIPPING rates increase during the once-a-week pack months, after X-Mas.

*For large orders (over 15 packs) please call us directly at 845-374-5471 M-F 9 to 2 ideally.
** For call in orders, phone: 845-374-5471 (best to call b/w 10 and noon on weekdays)

Frequently Asked Questions
How many apples are in a pack?
A single pack is 16 apples, a double is 32, and a triple is 48.
How do I place an order?
You can order from our website online, or you can stop by the Soons store and place an order in person.
When can I expect my order to arrive?
Depending on where we're shipping to, 1 to 5 days from time of shipping (not time of order). When orders ship depends on demand and weather; please do not assume that if you call today your order will ship tomorrow! For certain orders, to the West Coast for example, you may want to ship UPS air for an additional charge. Also, for many destinations, including Florida, we typically ship only on Monday and Tuesday, to avoid a weekend stay anywhere (apples don't like warm *or* freezing temperatures).
Can you ship to California?
Sorry, we aren't able to ship to California or Arizona. California doesn't want any other states' produce coming into their state. So they make it pretty impossible to do so. If the law changes, we will post an update here.
What varieties can I get in my pack?
We offer several choices, as well as a choice for a mixed pack. Apples that taste great and ship well are:
Idared: a tangy, crisp apple good for eating and all baking uses.
Crispin: a big yellow/green apple with a sweet, juicy taste, which also cooks well.
Empire: a favorite for eating and baking, Empires combine the best of McIntosh and Red Delicious varieties into one apple.
Winesap: a tangy and juicy multi-purpose apple with great texture.
Red & Golden Delicious: the classic sweet eating apples, the way they were meant to be.
Premium Apples: Macoun, Fuji, Braeburn: these have specific short seasons so be sure to order early.
Can I get other goodies in my pack?
Sure, we offer an assortment of tasty treats to go with your apple pack (remember though, that means fewer apples in a pack). From jams and honey, to cheese and Scotty's cakes.
When can I send a gift pack?
To ensure our gift packs are the tastiest they can be, Soons ships only between early October through January 31. It is often too cold after that, plus supplies have dwindled, so after that, shipments are available on a weather-contingent basis (please call us (845-374-5471).
And is there any the fine print I am missing?
We can't ship to APO, FPO, Canada, Puerto Rico, international addresses or PO Boxes. Weather and other emergencies can delay shipments. If your gift recipient is unhappy, or receives a pack that was damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately.
Gift Baskets 

Gourmet baskets of goodies are a great gift for everyone!
(No one needs more stuff but we all need to eat!)

Order today and we’ll have your basket ready so you can deliver it to those lucky folks on your gift, friends, co-workers, your favorite stylist/doctors/service providers, the list is endless ☺

Your basket is shrink-wrapped for easy travel with a lovely bow on top. Let us know if you need a card as well.


Breakfast Basket

Pancake mix | half pint Shawnee jam or apple butter | 8oz Catskill honey | Shawnee fruit syrup - $29
Basic plus fruit: approx 10 pieces (apples/pears/citrus) - $39
Basic basket plus 8oz maple syrup | marmalade | 8oz peanut butter | pint of Soons cider* - $44
Deluxe plus fruit - $54

Tea Time Basket
Basic: cake mix | 8oz Catskill honey | box McDuffies shortbread cookies | half pint Shawnee jam or apple butter - $28
Basic plus fruit: approx 10 pieces (apples/pears/citrus) - $38
Basic basket plus Claxton fruit cake | 8oz peanut butter | two quarter-pound fudge | apple butter - $44 Deluxe plus fruit: approx 10 pieces (apples/pears/citrus) - $54

Snack Time Basket
Basic: Tortilla chips | Granny Blossom salsa | Soons apple chips | Dip mix & Hudson Valley Fresh sour cream - $31
Basic plus fruit: approx 10 pieces (apples/pears/citrus) - $41
Basic basket plus second Granny Blossom salsa | crackers | cheese (Lynnhaven goat cheese or Sugarbush 8oz) | jar pickles | Orchard Hill Hard Cider - $69
Deluxe plus fruit: approx 10 pieces (apples/pears/citrus) - $79

*refrigerated items represented by containers to be brought in to Soons to “redeem” for actual item, unless basket is to be delivered immediately
Scotty's Holiday Pies 
Scotty's Country Kitchen was founded in 1987 by Laura (Soons) and her husband, Scott Thornton. The idea was simple - take the amazing fruit and cider of Soons Orchards and use it to create amazing pies!

At Scotty's we believe that if you take the time to bake, you should do it right! The ingredients should be fresh and basic, the recipes should be original and the results should be special — a homemade quality you can't find anywhere else.

Our online store is now closed.
You can still come into the store and get your pies.