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Pie time! things to know!
We do recommend ordering, especially this year.  If you did not order, we will have pies on the sales floor available for purchase (first come, first served)
Link to ORDER page



Be sure to make a note of your pickup day and stop by the orchard store at 23 Soons Circle, New Hampton, NY - orders can be picked up 1030-6, and til 4 Christmas eve.

If you can't make your day, we will hold your pie until the following day, but please let us know your plans. 


Please be sure of your order before placing it.

We are often operating w/ limited staff and any cancellations will take time.

Please note orders for Scotty's pies and any changes or cancellations should go through their site.

Changes/issues with orders placed for Scotty's items via their site must be handled by Scotty's.
Please see their site 


Credit or debit cards accepted for online orders or orders placed in store with a card.
[NOTE that your statement will say Soons Orchards | San Fransisco (b/c of the payments provider).]



We want you to be happy, so please let us know ASAP if you have any issues with your pies from the Soons store.
We appreciate your patience as the holidays are always a challenge to get all the orders done and keep the store shelves stocked as best we can! Thank you so much! 

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