April 1, 2020
​Reminder we are offering curbside pickup - call or check online for basic items to order. 
And our store remains open daily 9 to 6.

March 11, 2020

Greeting Soons Orchards fans, friends & partners -
With the coronavirus, aka COVID-19, being top of mind for pretty much the entire globe, we wanted to check in with everyone.
While as of this writing there are no Orange County residents with confirmed cases, they are no doubt coming; we encourage all to stay informed by reputable sources, not rumor.

(As an aside, I’ve heard some recommend a “media diet” right now, as some outlets (& social media) are fanning the flames of panic and causing undue stress… I tend to agree – in general, less media intake is a good thing.)  

As you probably already know, the top recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) are:
  • handwashing (20 seconds with friction – this is very important) (sanitizer can substitute when soap & water are not available, but handwashing is best)
  • avoid touching your face – eyes, nose, mouth
  • disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  • cover a sneeze or cough with a tissue and discard
  • avoiding contact with anyone who is ill, and for those at the most risk (older people and those with respiratory issues or immune-compromised) keeping distance from people generally where an outbreak is occurring
  • stay home if you are sick
We will continue to keep our crew and customers’ safety as our top priority, and in addition to our usual cleaning schedules, we are regularly disinfecting high-touch areas in our stores like door handles, cart and basket handles, ipad screens, etc. (Note, we don’t require a signature for charges under $25; carrying your own pen/stylus combo is a good idea in general.) We have hand sanitizer in several store locations for staff/customer use.  

We also have a “Phonesoap” disinfecting unit. This was something I heard about on the TV show Shark Tank. We sometimes forget our cell phones are a serious carrier of all sorts of germs. This device uses UV light to “clean” your phone (or anything else that fits in the unit) in 10 minutes. Our staff is using it; if you’re in the store and would like to disinfect your phone (or keys or credit cards) too, just let us know.

As a further measure, today we are suspending self-serve samples other than our hot and cold ciders. Samples will still be available -- as we can’t imagine a Soons without samples -- just ask our staff to assist. Our upcoming sampling weekend (3/21-22) will still be held, with additional staff so we can avoid self-serve.

We also are planning on our Spring Fever Evening Egg Hunt for April 18. As this event is held outside, there’s plenty of fresh air and space for all. (March 31 update: Yes, we are postponing the egg hunt...very hopeful we can still have this super fun event!)

On March 6, Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologist and epidemiologist, reminded us on the evening news that "nature's greatest disinfectant [is] sunlight. The UV light inactivates the virus." So while we all may be avoiding traveling and large crowds, let’s not forget to get outside and get some springtime sun!

We also hope those staying home more will use this as a chance to spend quality time with family and friends, whether it’s while cooking or enjoying a meal, or playing an interactive game or activity (we love Table Topics btw!). We can help with the cooking of course. We have ingredients for all sorts of menus, and hope you’ll consider us for your shopping on a regular basis.

This is a stressful time for sure. But working together we will get through it. And perhaps there will be some silver linings. If there are any questions you have for us, or anything we can do to help, let us know. You can reach us in the store 845 374 5471; by email: info@ soonsorchards.com; by text to 845 670 4540 or by Facebook or Instagram message as well.

Thanks for your continued support and our heartfelt wishes for the safety and health for you and your loved ones.
~ Sharon Soons for the Soons family & crew
CDC Prevention and Treatment
Orange County Department of Health
New York State Department of Health
2019 Novel Coronavirus hotline 1-888-364-3065