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Order-Ahead Availability Info for Curbside Pick Up
Frequently Asked Questions 

Hello everyone,

To help limit exposure for both customers and staff, and provide another shopping option, we are offering “curbside pickup” where you can call in an order and then pick it up later that day (or the next day or two).
For simple orders we can run a credit/debit card while on the phone; or we can call you back to do that once we have total. Or, you can let us know when you arrive and we can do payment then when we bring your order out.

Update - our order form no longer works (sorry!) but you can at least get an idea of what we usually have - so the link for that is  here  -- apples were never updated - we have later fall varieties right now 
-- just a handful of our produce items are here, and for produce which must be weighed, you still need to call.

Now that super busy fall season is a wrap, online/call in orders are OK for all days. 

*Please bring your own bags (or we have paper bags for 10 cents or our cool new red Soons reusable bags for $2) per the new state law, or if we have boxes we can use them*  

Also when you call please let us know if you've ever had a receipt emailed to you from us or you've ordered before, so we can assign your order to your "record" in our system.

We encourage you to double check your order before you head home. Thank you to everyone who helped "break us in" lol.

The store number is 845-374-5471; you can call anytime 9 to 6.

For a very general list of everything we have, see our farm store page. (It needs an update, but it's mostly accurate.)

NEW! Soons Sweet Pop - our very own kettle corn! 
We are so excited to making our own kettle corn!! soooo gooood!
now offering a special 2-fer price too! (and a salt-only popcorn as well)

Unless noted, we have plenty of apple cider donuts (plain, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar)
Nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew etc) are all in stock and being made daily as well.
Apples - Lots of varieties weekly !

Here’s what we have:
M-Sun (Rockland bakery ryes & pumpernickel & white)
On Friday we also get challah and cranberry raisin loaf from Rockland.
And Friday we make baguettes (asiago cheese and/or cranberry walnut) and a sourdough loaf, time permitting. Feel free to pre-order those for Friday.
Rosemary's Bread:  apple crumb, apple raisin crumb, blueberry crumb, strawberry crumb, bacon egg and cheese, garlic cheddar - availability varies, we typically get delivery in on Friday
Milk: Hudson Valley Fresh milk (full supply)+ yogurt, half and half; heavy cream, sour cream; Eggnog for holiday season
(btw, in general if you want to pre-order milk (esp gallons) let us know by Wed noon!)
Plus we have Freedom Hill Farm yogurt, kefir, buttermilk
Butter (unsalted / salted ) and Troyer roll butter
Eggs: white eggs -XL, L and Jumbo; local brown
Cheese: Sugarbush cheese; local Lynnhaven goat cheese; mozzarella, cheese curd (plain), ranch, garlic-dill); cheddar garlic or horseradish blocks ; crumbled blue cheese, gorgonzola, grated parmesan, feta crumbles, and asiago/romano/parmesan 'salad blend' in half-pint containers
Applesauce: Teresa is making her amazing applesauce and cranberry applesauce every week or more!
Scotty’s baked items:  
Usually delivered W/F/S/S: pies & half pies, brownies, turnovers, loaf cakes, cookies (oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip); carrot cake muffins, Irish tea scones, fruit scones (usually weekends),  - always call ahead if you have your heart set on something, we can order/put it aside for you...
Our baked items: we are trying to keep up with demand! Various fruit pies, including 6" pies and fruit tarts; you can pre-order these items too or get one frozen to take home to cook!
Muffins & Loaf Cakes & Crisps
Cinnamon Buns & Crumb Cake (these are soooo good!!)
Friday is baguette (asiago cheese or cranberry walnut) & sourdough bread day...
our cookies: sugar cookies - peanut butter (if avail)
Cider donut bread pudding (in the dairy case, if avail)
Mad Batter gluten free baked goods: various cookie boxes - see the online order form list
Homemade hummus: roasted red pepper and regular lemon garlic
& Sour Cream dips -  (southwest, french onion, cheddar ranch, vegetable dip, cucumber dill, nacho cheese, bacon horseradish & more - try 'em with some pretzel shells... so good! - )

Produce: (do call to check...) 
Romaine, iceberg, parsley, bunched carrots, celery, parsley
Also: green & red cabbage, scallions, white mushrooms, red peppers, spring mix, baby spinach, baby arugula, broccoli crowns, cucumbers, hothouse  beefsteak tomatoes and cherry tomatoes

Local: shiitake mushrooms; radishes, red / gold beets, carrots, spinach

Onions (red; yellow, white), potatoes (red, yukon, Idaho), homegrown garlic, shallots, sweet potatoes
lemons, limes, avocados, mangoes, bananas

Beef pot pies (6" & 8") & chicken pot pies (6" & 8") in the freezer - expected back in stock Dec 18
frozen cheesecakes (plain, pumpkin, apple caramel
Local beef from Stewarttown farm

other random stuff you also love: 
pickles! kosher dill, half sours; garlic dill; also garlic dill & dill pickle chips, half sours, sauerkraut n quart containers in the dairy case

Random pantry items:  
Sugar 4lb bags, AP flour, Gluten-free flour (new!), brown sugar, cream cheese, chicken or beef broth, salt, adobo seasoning, Bragg seasonings, Heinz ketchup, rice (brown or white), pasta noodles & sauce, pancake/waffle mixes (including gluten-free).
And super delicious Cafe Britt Coffee from Costa Rica!

Rulison raw honey (yes, local) &
Catskill mountain honey & syrup, Andersen's syrup & Stark honey (also local!)

Things in jars! 
Much-loved Shawnee coming in regularly
Also Terrapin back in stock -- people are loving those aioli squeezes!
Lots more of course...

When are you open?
Soons Orchards farm store is open daily ... now year round!!
   Note with the covid-19 crisis ongoing, we added 8 to 9am F/Sat for seniors, immune-compromised & mobility-challenged to visit the store to shop

Follow our Facebook page for the latest news always!
We are open daily except for Christmas Day.
Hours are 9 to 6 except for shortened hours on some holidays:
-New Year's Day 11 - 4
-Easter 11-3
-Thanksgiving Day 9 to 12
-Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve 9 to 4

We attend the Warwick Farmers' Market Sundays. Mother's Day til last Sunday before Thanksgiving.
The market IS open! Details here. 
To pre-order for market ONLY visit our market pre-order form here. (order til Sat midday)

U-Pick Apples: Our U-Pick apple orchard opens Labor Day weekend and stays open weekends 10-4 as long as we have enough apples to offer - sometimes mid-October, sometimes the end of October, sometimes even into November (but that is rare).
U-Pick Apples is open 10-4 on weekends, and Friday in 2020, and holiday Mondays and sometimes a few other days when schools are closed, like Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur. Our U-Pick page is updated frequently as to what's available and other details, so please check it for the latest.

U-Pick Pumpkins begins the second or third weekend of September and runs weekends (2020: trying Friday too!) and holiday Mondays until Halloween. Our pick your own pumpkins is also weekends only; wagons run from about 10am til 4pm depending on demand and weather.

See the U-Pick page for links to purchase pre-timed entry & bags for apples; wagon ride seats for Pumpkins!

U-Pick Peaches is by special announcement only. We typically have one or two weekends in August where we have enough peaches to offer for pick your own. Check back here or our Facebook page for news about pick your own peaches.

Do you take Credit Cards?
We take credit cards and debit cards in our farm store. Apple pay is working too:)

For U-Pick, ​please reserve online w/a debit/credit card.

Our "pumpkin shack" is taking credit cards again this fall, technology willing!

Where can I get updates on Soons Orchards?
Follow us on Social Media! (links below)! 
And visit our website often – we update it frequently!

Facebook Here

Instagram Here

Yelp Here

Can I bring my dog/pets to the farm/orchard?
We don’t allow pets into the U-Pick orchards (new government safety rules pretty much bar any animals in any orchards or fields), however you may have your dog in the (grassy) parking lot with you.
At the main farm store, please note that we have our own farm dog (very friendly!) so please let us know if you have your dog and is going to be out of the car.  
Documented service animals are always welcome, of course.

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23 Soons Circle
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What Our Visitors Say…

  • Soons was an accidental discovery while taking a scenic drive. It has become one of our favorite places! Your cider is hands down the best we've ever tasted and those apple cider doughnuts, don't get me started! I'll wait on line forever for one. (And I did wait on a long line for some when I was pregnant.)
    Melissa Marie via Facebook

  • Food n drinks are delicious. I've been coming there for 13 years. Love this place. I live in Staten Island, NY… The drive is long but beautiful and I get to go to you guys.. Yummy food and amazing people.
    Lauren M. via Facebook

  • Friendly staff, brilliant harvest of apples as nature allows, a delectable selection of local produce, preserved products, and baked goods at pretty reasonable prices given that it is a farm store. The cafe and wine/cider tasting room is cozy, folks are very friendly. The outdoor beer garden with a grill and entertainment venue was brilliant in the Sunday sunshine. All in all, a fantastic experience and that's why we've been going to Soons for 10 years.
    5 star review from Tony G via Google

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Store: 23 Soons Circle
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you *can* also purchase OH hard cider & 
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Store Open Daily
9a-6p (now all year!)

Tap Room @ Orchard Hill Cider Mill
in-store, curbside & patio service (food too!)
Friday 12-9 / Saturday 11-9 / Sunday 11-6
details here
you *can* also purchase OH hard cider & 
in the farm store

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Store: 23 Soons Circle
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NY 10958