Soons Orchards - Testimonials

Some of the wonderful things our customers have said about us.
Thank you all!

We recently discovered Soons. It's on the way from our home in NY to our favorite getaway spot in PA. Where to start!!!! Yummy apples in the fall, donuts - a little crunch on the outside but soft and moist inside, farm fresh delicious holiday eggnog, and peach blueberry crumb topping pie....oh my goodness, I'm addicted! Don't forget to pick up some Rockland Bakery bread on your way out. Your market is a gem and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. We will be back.
-Diane F. via Facebook

We only get our apples at Soons. The donuts, cider and baked goods are delicious. Everyone there is really friendly.
-Mary Ann S. via Facebook

Excellent farm ! A real experience to visit ! Fresh baked goods ! Home made cider ! Fantastic fresh grown produce! Very friendly customer service.
-Doug H. via Facebook

Food n drinks are delicious. I've been coming there for 13years. Love this place. I live in Staten Island ny... The drive is long but beautiful n I get to go to you guys.. Yummy food n amazing ppl
-Lauren M. via Facebook

Keep up the good work!
--Cheryl S., Middletown, NY

Great peanut butter
-- Debbi L, Goshen, NY

Love coming here!
-- Lisa K, Middletown, NY

Fantastic - Love Soons Farm - it's the best!
--Gery S., Glenwood, NY

Great store - thanks!
-- Colleen B., Pine Island, NY

We love Soons and all the great! food.
-- Bill D., Wesy Nyack, NY

Love Soons Orchards
--Wendi R., New Hampton, NY

Love your place
--Jerry A., PA

Love your cider donuts!
--Margy S., Slate Hill, NY

Best place in Middletown!!
--Bill J., Middletown, NY

I've been coming here since I was a child and I'm almost 60! Thank you
--Alyce B, Brooklyn NY

Luv Soons!
--Artie H., Port Jervis, NY

Our favorite orchard!
--Ruth H., Hawley, PA

Love you guys THX
--Christina F., Westtown, NY

Love coming here! GREAT apples & special treats!
--Stewart S., Glenwood, NY

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the goodies and apple cider and apples! Thank you!
--Margaret M., Port Jervis, NY

I love Soons!
--Meghan B., New Hampton, NY

Your cider is the best!
--Nancy L., Port Jervis, NY

Just love youse!
--Dolores L., Middletown, NY

Never been here before...just wonderful!
--Nancy H., Mountaindale, NY

Love your cider,donuts, apples and tasting room!
--Denise E., Florida, NY

I absolutely love your apple crumb pie. Your cider is delicious, your donuts are yummy! I like everything that you have to offer in fresh veggies and fruits!
--Cindy H., Port Jervis, NY

Great pies!!
--Rosana B., Campbell Hall, NY

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! The BEST pies anyone has ever had!! Amazing! We had the Apple, the Apple Blueberry and the Pumpkin. All three were amazing, and the Pumpkin Spice loaf was fabulous! Cookies didn't last an hour once they were put out on the dessert table! Thank you so much for truly exceptional desserts!
--Liz D.

Best pie is cherry!!
-- Jean T., New Hampton, NY

Scotty's sugar-free pies are The Best. Love 'em!
-- Karen R., Goshen, NY

Love the cider & doughnuts!
-- Margaret M., Port Jervis, NY

Apple Cider Donuts - Yum!
-- David K., Campbell Hall, NY

You have the best pies! I only eat yours and my wife's. Apple cherry is my fave
-- Bill H., Middletown, NY

I love this place!
-- Marie K., Westtown, NY

Excellent products
-- Ron C., Wallkill, NY

Love this place :)
-- Kerry-Ann J., Dingmans Ferry, PA

We love apple picking here with our granddaughters in the fall!
-- Steven B., Airmont, NY

Our family LOVES your orchard!!
-- Patti P., Warwick, NY

Wonderful place to shop and visit with family - cider is a weekly event for family and children in college.
-- Lee B., Goshen, NY

The apple crumb and apple blueberry pies are the best!
-- Michael S., Sussex, NY

Great orchard!
-- Elaina W., Stanford, CT

Apple pie... mmmm good
-- John D., New Hampton, NY

Love your apples!!!
-- Michael G., Sparrowbush, NY

We love this place! Lots of yummys!
-- Nancy F., Slate Hill, NY

Love this farm!!
-- Lissette L., Middletown, NY

Love Soons - especially donuts! :)
-- Debbie W., New Hampton, NY

Love you guys!
-- Bonnie F., Goshen, NY

Real good! We come from NJfor your pie!
-- Bob M., Hawthorne, NY

Love your pies!!
-- Terri T., Monroe, NY

Best cider around!
-- Nancy L., Port Jervis, NY

Great eats. Glad you now have sugar free items.
-- Jeff C., Bloomingdale, NY

Good stuff
-- Patricia M., Hawley, PA

great cider!
-- Diane S., Middletown, NY

We love Soons!
-- Joe B., Goshen, NY

Love everything
-- Jeanette R., Greenfield PK, NY

We enjoy all your natural products and have been coming for the past 20 your fresh apples
-- Marguerte R., Milford, PA

This place is great!!
-- Ted G., Goshen, NY

Great place!
-- Jean L., Warwick, NY

Love the donuts, apples, brownies...etc!
-- Paul B, Slate Hill, NY

Good job!
-- Jessica R., New York, NY

My grandson loves your pumpkin pies - thanks
-- Mary Ann T., Otisville, NY

I love your store!!
-- Joe B., Goshen, NY

-- Daisy H., Middletown, NY

-- Laura H., Warwick, NY

Always a pleasure visiting Soons!
-- Anthony N., Westtown, NY

Great place!
-- Debbi L., Goshen, NY

Just wonderful
-- Paula M., Middletown, NY

Love your samples!
-- Linda W., Warwick, NY

Love Everything!!
-- Valerie R., Middletown, NY

The best - thanks for everything
-- Raymond D., Warwick, NY

Love ya's!
-- Barbara P., Goshen, NY

You guys rock!! Keep it up! :)
-- Rubayya H., Middletown, NY

We love your banana bread!
-- Nina H., Washingtonville, NY

Beautiful apples & gifts
-- Joan B., Saddle River, NY

Keep up the good work!!! Thank you for providing a family environment to shop.
-- Will S., New Hampton, NY

Yum! Thanks :)
-- Hallie A., New York, NY

You guys are the best :)
-- Jaimy A., New Hampton, NY

We love Soons!! The best!!
-- Wendy & Goddard L., Slate Hill, NY

The stuff (apples, cider, donuts, vegetables, etc) I got from you for the Douglaston Festival was the best I have tasted in eons.
-- Douglas M, Douglaston, NY

This place is great. Always delish
-- Ellen C., Greeley, PA

Great place
-- Kelly C., Bangor, PA

The peaches are over the top. You can't eat just one. Had 2 with breakfast a 3 more just now.Should have got a extra lg bag. Thank you to all who work so hard so I can eat real fruits and vegi's. God bless all of you and everything you grow
-- Sanford F. via Facebook

You guys are great!! We wish we lived closer!
-- Elaine G., PA

love Soons!
-- Bernetta D., Port Jervis, NY

Great food and apples
-- Joan W., River Vale, NY

Great great great Founders Day and good wine!! Happy Holiday!
-- Richard T., Middletown, NY

Love the donuts!
-- Lynn B., Westtown, NY

Love your farm!
-- Jonas J., Goshen, NY

Always love to "come back" to a touch of home.
-- Deborah S., Forest Hills, NY

That cider is great!
-- Patty A., Port Jervis, NY

Have been coming since a kid & now share the experience with the grandkids.
-- Tammy P., Otisville, NY
(our lucky Founders Day raffle winner 2010!)

Great day!
-- Maria A., New Rochelle, NY

I live 80 miles away from the orchard and I go there all the time (passing several other lesser orchards on the way) for fresh produce, corn (mmm), apple picking in the fall and my favorite - the best apple cider I've ever had. Great folks and foodstuffs.
--Brian via Yahoo! local reviews

Thanks so much for the Walkin' Tour of the Orchard yesterday....we rented a car and drove up from NYC to enjoy your farm. What a WONDERFUL time we had - and we especially LOVED the Apple Crumb Pie...donuts...and loads of apples and pumpkins we bought! Thanks again,
-- Deborah, Russ & Isabella C., NY

Been coming for 30 years on the motorcycle to get the best apples in the northeast for applesauce and pies!
-- Bill and Pam C., Midland Park, NY

Apple salad was delicious - I will be trying it!
-- Joan K., Middletown, NY
Yes, Chef Shawn's demo and sampling of apple salad was delicious!

Great honey roasted peanut butter
-- Carol G., Warwick, NY
It's always fresh - we make it constantly!

My mom started eating your Lady Jean apples probably 50+ years ago, but then she moved to Ohio in the early 1990's. Last year I sent her 5 or 6 apples in a small box and she really enjoyed them. When I saw that Soons mailed apples, I decided to give it a go. She was ecstatic! She called me the night she received them and told me it was one of the best gifts she had ever received. You did great! Thanks soooooooo much.
P.S. I've been eating [Lady Jean apples] since I was three!! No other apple compares!!

-- Phil B., Staten Island, NY

"Dear Soons Orchard, Thank you... we had an amazing time, and the kids had so much fun learning about the orchard and picking apples! We look forward to coming again!"
-- Elisabeth, Harlem Academy

We had a great time - thanks!
-- Mr & Mrs Nelson, Chester, NY

I *love* your produce! Yummy apples & lucious nectarines. Thanks! :)
-- Connie T., Cuddebackville, NY

The best cider in the country!
-- Edward Z., Montague, NY

After all these years, you are still the best in town. Keep up the good work.
-- Traci W., Blakester, PA

Great apple cider, pie and donuts!
-- Raul P., Bayside, NY

Hello! Today (9/28/09) was my first time apple picking and my first visit to Soons. We had a great time picking our own apples! We made a trip to the store, and boy are we glad we did! We bought pies, doughnuts, and candy apples - the prices were so reasonable! Thank you, we'll see you next year!
-- Marie R., Deer Park, NY

We were there at your orchards on Saturday (9/26/09) and had the best time. We visited the store and I am eating the oatmeal raisin cookies as “we speak”. Thanks again for a memorable day!
-- Cathy D., via e-mail

We just grilled your corn...and it was awesome! Along with the cucumbers, watermelon and peaches... it was all sooo good. Your made our Labor Day dinner - thanks!
-- Dave & Jo M., Goshen, NY

Best corn I've ever had!
-- Richard C., Mt. Vernon, NY

Your peaches are spectacular!
-- Nicole V.

I was wondering when is the peak of your peach season? I got your peaches last year and they were the best I've ever tasted!
We typically start picking peaches mid-July and continue into September... we grow 20+ varieties. For freestone peaches (great for freezing or canning) come by around mid-August.

I just wanted to say that I really like Soons, it's a great place to get something fresh. The baked goods are out of this world!
-- Kalona D., via Facebook

After I had Soons apples, I can't eat apples from the grocery store. Soons has the best apples!
-- Nicole H., Pine Island, NY

I love Soons!!!!
-- Isaiah L., Middletown, NY

Been coming to Soons since 1962
-- Julia P., Monroe, NY
That's just a few years after my mom and dad got married and came back to buy the farm!

I stopped in this weekend during Founders Weekend. I enjoyed the dishes that Chef Shawn prepared (he is delightful - and his dishes were delicous!) I also enjoyed the wine - and knowing there is someone locally making them. The sauces were also excellent. Thanks for having the event.
-- Joan K., Middletown, NY

I've been coming to Soons since I was a child. It's a great place, and the cider is the best!
-- Rich G.

what a wonderful place
-- H. Harris, Bronx, NY

Love your apples!
-- Karen A., Shohola, PA

We love Soons! It's a yearly tradition to come to Soons for your candy apples & cider.
-- Donna K., Sussex, NY

This place is AWESOME! You offer a lot of different products for all different buyers. It was worth the hour drive to get here!!
-- Amelia D, Highland, NY

I loved visiting your store with my children and all the fresh fruits and baked goods were delicious.
-- Diane C.

The best of everything
-- Larry D., Florida, NY

Love your apples!
-- Karen A., Shohola, PA

My husband and I really enjoy visiting your orchards and keeping in touch with the "Apple Press" newsletter
-- Norm C., Bloomingburg, NY

Thank you for my Pre-K class's amazing trip! It was so wonderful and everything is delicious.
-- Diane M., Middletown, NY

This place is great!
-- Dione S., Bronx, NY

Very good apple pie!
-- Joan M., Otisville, NY

My husband and I received a box of mixed apples for our anniversary in October. Not only did they arrive in perfect condition, but they were a wonderful mix of several delicious varieties. We have enjoyed them in pies for Thanksgiving as well as for snacks. But I was especially impressed with your customer care - we were called prior to shipment to ensure that our famous Florida hurricane hadn't impacted us or our mail service. Thank you for "above and beyond" customer attention!
-- Jeanne, P, Rockledge, NY

Just a Soons shopper...saying I love your e-mails.
I love the up-to-date information.
--Mrs. Finn

A great little place you have here. I would recommend it to everyone I know.
-- Luis G., Middletown, NY

Emma & I had a wonderful time at the Orchard. We are frequent visitors at Soons, in fact we will picking more apples this weekend :) , Thank you.
-- Elizabeth W., Slate Hill, NY

We had a great time. See you again soon!
-- Janet P, Fort Lee, NY

Great place
-- Lorraine T., Middletown, NY

Love it!
-- Jaime M., Middletown, NY

Nice place
-- Sue K, Middletown, NY

Everything is great.
-- Barbara H., Slate Hill, NY

Great pies
-- Sue M., Warwick, NY

We love it here!
-- Kathy S., Flushing NY

Every year we come here - we love it!
-- Chester R., Middletown, NY

Everything is always good.
-- Victoria H., Maybrook, NY

Great place for the family
-- Ronald V., Long Island City, NY

Great place!
-- Sheri B., Monticello, NY

Great selection
-- Christina M., New York, NY

I've always enjoyed all your fruits and produce.
-- Louis A., Goshen, NY

My family visited you in early August and we had some peaches like I have never tasted before. I don't even like peaches and ate FIVE. The corn was the most fresh tasting I have ever prepared, and the cherry pie was to die [for]. Let's not even talk about the fudge which I have yearned for ever since. You have a wonderful farm, with wonderful goodies and I can't wait to come back.
--- Felicia L., Highland Mills, NY

Great stuff
-- Debra D., Port Jervis, NY

Great time - loved it.
-- Linda S., Westtown, NY

-- Pam C., New Windsor, NY

-- Lori F., Middletown, NY

Best apples are here. I come from Warwick for years to buy your apples.
-- Arlene P., Warwick, NY

Best cider anywhere
-- Lewis M., New City, NY

Everything is delicious!
-- Phil S., Middletown, NY

Fabulous store!
-- Judy P., Florida, NY

Great cider!
-- Paul B., Goshen, NY

Great job!
-- Sue H., Middletown, NY

Great place - I come here a lot
-- Larry L., Englewood Cliffs , NY

Great place - love your cider!
-- Maureen M., Warwick, NY

Great staff & apples
-- Mike L., New Hampton, NY

Keep it up for 94 more [years]!
-- Robert M., Middletown, NY

Love it here
-- Steve C., Middletown, NY

Love ya
-- Karen S., Slate Hill, NY

Love yas!
-- JL C., Port Jervis, NY

Thank you for the delicious treats!
-- Mildred D., Middletown, NY

Thanks for sharing - happy holidays!
-- Barbara G., Goshen, NY

The best place in the neighborhood!
-- Anna T., New York, NY

Very nice and pleasant
-- Beth C., Highland Mills, NY

We have loved this place for 40 years!
-- Emily O., Slate Hill, NY

We love it here - especially Spike [the dog]!
-- Jennifer C., New Hampton, NY

-- Phoebe S., Pomona, NY

Awesome baked goods!
-- Heather G., Middletown, NY

Beautiful place!
-- Hana S., Goshen, NY

-- Cynthia L., Washingtonville, NY

Great things all the time
-- Rita B., New Hampton, NY

It's the best orchard around here.
-- Crystal Y., Swan Lake, NY

Loved the place and the samples - I shall return!
-- Rhody M., Walden, NY

I grew up thinking it was the greatest thing when my mom took me to your orchard. Now my daughter and son think it is the greatest thing when I bring them. From 3 generations of customers I say thank you for a great family tradition!
-- Margaret O., Wurtsboro, NY

Been coming here since I was a child - always great variety!
-- Tammy & Gary P., Middletown, NY

Good food!
-- Herb S., Middletown, NY

Great place!
-- J G., Middletown, NY

Great vegetables and fruits - thanks!
-- Fran D., Middletown, NY

I just want to say that I love your apples and apple cider donuts, they are great!
-- Hope, Tennessee

The fruit is very good and I look for it every year. Thank you!
-- Caroline Z., Middletown, NY

We had a great trip to the orchard - thanks!
-- Bonkerz Learn and Play Center, Chester, NY

We're new to Monroe and have recently discovered you and your incredible apple pies. I never saw a sugar-free version in the store. Do I have to ask for it or is it only available at certain times?
-- Irene M., Monroe, NY

Your great apples are going to Utah!
-- Jen H., Middletown, NY

-- E. N., Middletown, NY

Good apples!
-- Teri C., Highland Mills, NY

-- M I., Levittown, NY

thank you!
-- George I., Garfield, NY

This is a great place - my first time here.

-- MT C., Dumont, NY

For many years, whenever we went to visit our friends who live in Washingtonville, we would always stop by a small store to purchase what is, without a doubt, the best apple crumb pie... no, the best PIE period... in the whole world. In some events we couldn't get enough of them so we'd purchase two or three pies. Then about two years ago we were shocked to discover that this small store...closed down. I vowed from then and there that I would try to locate another location where Scotty's Country Kitchen's Apple Crumb Pie could be found, so that my whole family and I could once again enjoy the sumptuous taste that could only be found in the best of pies.
--- Jose R., New York City
We're so glad you found us again! Soons Orchards is THE source for Scotty's, but it is a bit of a ride for you. Check the farmers markets page for other locations for Scotty's.

I bought some of your apples last weekend and they were excellent great new varieties.
-- Nancy D., New City, NY

Great Display
---Joan B, Middletown, NY

We love Soons!
-- Lee B., Goshen, NY

Good Food, Good Deals
---Vince B, Middletown, NY

Keep up the good work
---Judi B, Slate Hill, NY

Whole apples are too big for samples. I love coming here.
---Shelley B, New York, NY
Well, we want you to sample and sometimes, we don't have any small apples! Sorry!

No complaints - I love this place
---Adrienne B, Otisville, NY

Fantastic selection!
---Donna C, Middletown, NY

You have the best cider
---Grace D. C, Vernon, NY

Good variety
---Mary C, Sussex, NY

Awesome baked goods and apples. My in-laws from Jersey come here for pies now. Sugar- free stuff is great.
---Lisa C, Middletown, NY

Love this place
---Adele C, Goshen, NY

Cider is wonderful
---Ellen C, Greely, PA

Great store
---Mary C, Bullville, NY

Thanks for another season
---Sharon C, Goshen, NY

I love your apples
---Gladys C, Goshen, NY

Great shop and people!
---Lory Faye D, New York, NY

Wonderful fruits and pies.
---Carole D, Florida, NY

Love your hex signs, your cider is the best
---P. D, Slate Hill, NY

Love coming here in the fall don't buy apples anywhere else! We like to bring the lads - they love it too. Enjoyed the tour w/YMCA! Thank you!
---Becky D, New Hampton, NY

I love your pumpkin muffins
---William D, North Bellmore, NY

Coming here for 31 years
---Louise D, Central Valley, NY

Don't change a thing.
---Mr D, Bayonne, NY

great stuff!
---Jeannette E, New Hampton, NY

you have the best cider in the county!
---Cynthia F, Highland Falls, NY

Keep up the great work!
---Anthony, Middletown, NY

I love this place
---Audrey F, Middletown, NY

Anymore Honeycrisp apples? They are the best!
---David F, Goshen, NY
This is a great new variety ... our crop should increase as the years go by and the trees mature.

Keep up the great work!
---Anthony, Middletown, NY

I love this place
---Audrey F, Middletown, NY

Anymore Honeycrisp apples? They are the best!
---David F, Goshen, NY
This is a great new variety ... our crop should increase as the years go by and the trees mature.
I love your apples
---Denise G, Middletown, NY

Very very nice
---Melissa G, Middletown, NY

Love the place
---George G, Highland Mills, NY

Love your apples
---Lorelei K, Bloomingburg, NY

Great apples. Send to friends all the time.
---Kenneth K, Cuddebackville, NY
Good idea! People love gift packs - and we love sending them.

Just keep the apples coming
---Debra K, Tenafly, NJ

Love This Store
---Lillian K, Monroe, NY

Love the apple pies
---Albert K, Wyckoff, NJ

Your apples are terrific
---Lia K, Monroe, NY

Great stuff
---Carl K, Wantage, NJ

The Best Apples
---Joan L. L, Goshen, NY

Great place
---Howard L, Hartsdale, NY

Love your pies and donuts
---Dan L, Middletown, NY

Great establishment, first time here
---Bill L, Port Jervis, NY

Great Food
---Walter L, Mohegan Lake, NY

Please have cooking classes here
---Mrs Gary L, Cuddebackville, NY
At last, we've started offering these with Chef Shawn - it's great to learn how to use this great food!

Excellent apples and baked goods
---Fred L, Middletown, NJ

Great Place
---Pat L, Chester, NY

Best apple cider
---Steven L, Wanaque, NJ

very nice!
---Mr Tom L, Walden, NY

Love your store and enjoy picking too!
---Lewis M, New City, NY

---David R. M, Middletown, NY

Good, fresh products
---Elaine M, Middletown, NY

Great Place!
---Maureen M, Warwick, NY

is the recipe for carrot cake and banana cake available?
---Mario M, Flushing, NY
Scotty's keeps those recipes secret, sorry!

Love it! Your place is great!
---Michele M, Middletown, NY

Always enjoy visiting your store
---J. M, Cuddehackville, NY

Love your apples, great staff
---Lucille M, Westtown, NY

Love it
---Pam M, Middletown, NY

Love your orchard
---Christine M, Goshen, NY

---Zygmunt M, Staten Island, NY

Great Store
---Ross M, Greenwood Lake, NY

Good stuff
---Richard M, Middletown, NY

---Yvonne M, Goshen, NY

This is the first time here. I'm looking forward to coming back
---Deanne M, Maywood, NJ

Love Soons orchard
---May M, Woodburne, NY

Wonderful mouth watering
---Vito M, West long Branch, NJ

Keep the fresh apples coming.
---Jeff M, Pine Bush, NY

Wonderful Pies
---S. M, Monroe, NY

Love Everything
---Rose N, Florida, NY

Good job, keep it up
---Heidi N, Chester, NY

Great pies
---Mary N, New Windsor , NY

Love those galas
---Mr. A N, North Plainfield, NJ

Great Apple Cider
---Bill O, Westtown, NY

Great Store
---Sue P, Goshen, NY

Recipes please!
---Ms. S.P., New York, NY
We have more recipes in the store this year for folks to take home and try - if you have one to share please bring it in!

Good apples
---Helen P, Middletown, NY

Friendly, Warm and Helpful
---Eileen P, Jackson Heights, NY

I think it's very nice
---Martha P, Middletown, NY

Everything is very good
---Janet P, Middletown, NY

Great place!
---Paula P, Fort Lee, NJ

Thanks for the best pies and turnovers. They are the best!
---Colleen P, Middletown, NY

Best pies anywhere
---Jennifer P, Middletown, NY

I had a wonderful time
---Maria Q, Forest Hills, NY

All is wonderful
---Linda Q, Sparrowbush, NY

Different flavor ciders
---Lorraine R, City Island, NY
Another great idea -- we may investigate this. But 'til then, enjoy every batch of cider because each one is slightly different depending on the chosen mix of apples.

Great Stuff
---Jenny R, W. Islip, NY

All is well as always
---Josephine R, Middletown, NY

Love your store
---Dawn D. R, Goshen, NY

Nice store
---Jeanne R, New Hampton, NY

Love your store
---Katarzyna S, Middletown, NY

Everything here is delicious
---Luba S, Chester, NY

Macouns are my favorite! (I love the apple crumb pies too.)
---Debbie S, Monroe, NY

first time -very impressive
---Anne S, Middletown, NY

Excellent everything
--- Mr. S, Hugeunot, NY

This was wonderful especially for families to be together -- thank you
---Chelsea S, Harriman, NY

Love you guys - been coming here since 1969!
---Bridget S, Middletown, NY

Like the apple cider
---Phyllis S, Slate Hill, NY

You have the best of everything
---Jim S, Woodbridge, NY

Great store
---Betty S, Goshen, NY

Have been coming here since age 5, now 40.
---Hanny A. S, Middletown, NY

Always nice to pick up Soons good choice of apples
---Guy F. S, Hackensack, NJ

Great job
---Jay S, Middletown, NY

Love Soons, Always stop
---Lola S, New York, NY

Awesome store! Best apples - Macoun!
---Joan S, Howells, NY

---Ms. Pat T, Montgomery, NY

Great tasting apples!
---Mary Ann T, Middletown, NY

Good Cider
---Robert S., New Hampton, NY

great place
---Beth T, Middletown, NY

everything's perfect!
---Marsha V, Goshen, NY

You're a great place to go apple picking
---Rachel W, Middletown, NY

Great stuff!! I love it!
---Andrea W, Middletown, NY

Love the place
---Laurie W, Bloomingburg, NY

Great! Don’t change! (Modernize)
---Ms. G W, Upper Saddle River , NJ
Hmmm we thought we were pretty "modern" (our UV-cider treatment is state-of-the-art), but we'll take that as a compliment nonetheless!

Love this store
---Iola T. W, Brentwood, NY

The people are very nice who work here!
---Jennifer W, Campbell Hall, NY

Great Store
---Betty W, Warwick, NY

We enjoy shopping when we visit the area
---Jane W, Weatherly, PA

Love this store!
---Carolyn W, Middletown, NY

I love Soons
---Cathy Y, Middletown, NY

Everything is good in this place!!
---Dominic Z, Middletown, NY

--- Anna B, Franklin, NJ

Great Place
--- Linda B, Bloomingburg , NY

Very good everything
--- Arlene C, Middletown, NY

Great peaches this year!
--- Norman C, Middletown, NY

Excellent pies!
--- R F, Slate Hill, NY

nice place
--- C F, Highland Mills, NY

Love this place
--- Joe G, Middletown, NY

Eveyrthing is great
--- Joyce G, Goshen, NY

Best apple cider
--- Amanda H, Sussex, NJ

Keep making great pies with no sugar
--- R H, Middletown, NY

I love your stuff!
--- Linda K, Long Beach, NY

We love everything!
--- Jorden L, Flushing, NY

Soons -- always the best!
--- Nancy L, Otisville, NY

Love your apple turnovers!
--- Donna M, Old Tappan, NJ

A great day! Many excellent childhood memories.
--- Patti M, Bloomingdale, NJ

Very nice
--- Rosemarie M, Lynbrook, NY

I've been waiting for you guys to open ... I love your store!
--- Olga N, Pine Island, NY

Love the place for many years
--- Margaret O, Wurtsboro, NY

--- George P, Sparrow Bush, NY

at 40 years coming here for our apples -- now a family tradition
--- D P, Fort Lee, NJ

Everything is delicious!
--- Jeanette R, Middletown, NY

--- Laurie R, Rock Hill, NY

Delicious! Everything!
--- Florence S, Westtown, NY

It has been a pleasure eating your products for over 20 years
--- Anne T, Wurtsboro, NY

Love your cider
--- Ursula T, Monticello, NY

I've been coming here for over 50 years. That should prove something.
--- Beatrice V, Middletown, NY

Love your apples and store!
--- Pattie W, Chester, NY

Your place is warm!
--- The Zuckerman Family, Slate Hill, NY

Great store. Pies are delicious!
--- Louise A., Middletown, NY

Everything you make or sell is great!
--- Gary A., New York, NY

Thanks for a great time!
--- Jessica B., Brooklyn, NY

I love Soons!
--- Sherrie B., Goshen, NY

Outstanding service and products
--- Jordan B., Hawley, PA

The best orchard ANYWHERE!
--- Phil B., Staten Island, NY

Love the cider, baked goods & fruit!
-- Peggy M., Sussex, NJ

We're so glad you're here and that we came across Soons nice years ago.
-- Bruce P., Port Jervis, NY

Best cider, apples & service!
-- Jo-Ann W., Goshen, NY

I love it here. Pies are so good - thank you!
-- Chieko S., Middletown, NY

We were very angry when you closed in the spring. Traumatized actually. Welcome back -- we missed you!
--- Bill B., Westtown, NY
Sorry about that, but yes we do close when we run out of apples - our crop has grown though, so that's often as late as May/June, so please keep visiting through the winter. And then come back for a new season - now mid-July!

Great Cider
--- Barbara C., Westbrookville, NY

I love your place - been coming here for years!
--- Bonnie C., Florida, NY

--- Natalie C., Bronx, NY

Glad you have Macouns We can't get them down our way in South Jersey
--- Christie C., Mays Landing , NJ

Love the pies, cider, fruit and dogs
--- Roberta D., Middletown, NY

Love this place!
--- Susan D., Monroe, NY

Been coming to Soons for over 20 years and love it!
-- Jill L., Woodbourne, NY

Really enjoyed your orchard, it's perfect.
--- J.D., Ringwood, NJ

The best local market in all of Orange County. thanks for all your hard work.
-- Raymond D., Warwick, NY

Great place. we really enjoyed it!
--- Joanne D., Yorktown Heights, NY

Awesome apple crumb pie!
--- Chris E., Middletown, NY

Great store! Great stuff!
---Mr. F., Chester, NY

Loved the newsletter - good info --and great pie of course!
--- Judy F., Goshen, NY

Good pie (apple crumb) and cider
--- Ted G., Goshen, NY

Love this place!
--- Linda G., Port Washington, NY

Delicious apples
--- Robin H., Westtown, NY

Love your samples and baked goods are yummy - especially the apple turnovers
--- Shirley H., Sussex, NJ

Best Apples!
--- D K., Mt. Vernon, NY

Wonderful orchard!!!
--- Ruth L., Bushkill, PA

Welcome Back - we missed you!
--- Jill L., Goshen, NY

Great place
--- Mary L., Bronx, NY

We love it here! Great quality with great prices!
--- Geri L., Middletown, NY

Great Place
--- W. M., Port Jervis, NY

Best cider in Orange [County] - love Stayman Winesap!
--- Kaye M., Middletown, NY

Good produce
--- Virginia M., Port Jervis, NY

Great Place
--- C. M., Elmwood Pk, NJ

I love your store/foods! Thanks!
--- Marie O., Woodside, NY

Great apples!
--- Irina O., Rego Park, NY

We enjoy your home grown fruits and vegetables. Your pies are out of this world!
--- Carmen P., Bronx, NY

Keep up the good work
--- John P., Middletown, NY

Everything's quite dandy, No complaints!
--- Hannah P., Slate Hill, NY

Great Place
--- Sandra R., Wappingers Falls, NY

--- John R., Middletown, NY

Need more wagons outside and a way to pay with a credit card. Great doughnuts and cider!
-- Kaysie M., Matamoras, PA
You're right - we've now added more wagons, including one extra-big one to help with that. In 2010 we're going to get outdoor credit-card-running ability!

Had a great time!
-- Tammy S., Wurtsboro, NY

Love your cider and pies
--- M. S., Middletown, NY

Love it. Experience was great. Apple cider is better than apple [?].
-- Pablo M., Bronx, NY
we couldn't read that last word, but if you said juice, yes, it is! Our cider is pure unadulterated juice from the apple - we try to make the best!

Love this place -- have been coming here since I was very young!
--- Alice S., Middletown, NY

I have been a Soons customer for 25 years
--- Burt T., Godeffroy, NY

Awesome cider and pies
--- Lew T., Newburgh, NY

Great pickings
--- Joyce T., Totowa, NJ

Great day with the family!
--- T. V., Happauge, NY

We come from North Jersey for your apples
--- Frances V., Lincoln Park, NJ

Your apples are the best
--- Yvonne W., Unionville, NY

had your [Scotty's] apple pie at the Warwick Applefest
just like mom makes
where can we get more?

-- Linda in New Jersey
At Soons, of course! And you can try farmers markets around the region.

Awesome experience, love it here!
-- Jill L., Goshen

Great day!
-- Karen C., Monroe

We'll be back!
-- Karen T., Walden

Had a great time! Everyone was friendly, and we enjoyed the wine, milk and cider!
-- Tina S., Pine Bush

Nice place
-- Mike G., Norwood, NJ

Your cider donuts rock!
-- Patrick R., Chester

-- Margie I., Wantagh

Love it all...apples, corn, peaches, pears, baked goods, everything!
-- G.F., Fair Lawn, NJ

Thank you for always having the best apple cider and freshest veggies.
-- Kathleen G.,Unionville, NY

Love the crumb pie!
-- Carol K., West Nyack, NY

Always love shopping here!
-- Marsha B., New Hampton, NY

Apple crumb... yum, yum!
--Patricia B.

Apple turnovers are out of this world
-- Mara V., NY, NY

We love stopping here!
-- Ms W., Blauvelt, NY

Good stuff!
-- Georgeann W., Chester, NY

Everything is great!
-- Carmine D., Matamoras, PA

I was in last Thursday and got 20 pounds of peaches. They were perfect! I made peach jam, peach butter, peach coffee cake, and froze some, ready to be made into pies. Hopefully I can get back soon to get more!
-- Wendy D., Port Chester NY

What a wonderful surprise [an apple gift pack from my friend Jean]...This is the nicest thing anyone could do for us. They came in perfect condition and let's face it, you can't beat the aroma of fresh apples from Soons on the kitchen table. Can't wait to sink my teeth into one of them!
-- Mary B, Tampa Bay, FL

All is great!
-- Mike M., New York, NY

Your apples are terrific
-- Lia K., Monroe, NY

Love your apples!
-- Mary & Bill M., Warwick, NY

Excellent products!
--Thomas G., Port Jervis, NY

Great Pies/Turnovers - thanks!
--John I., Ridgewood, NJ

Love living 1/2 mile from Soons! Great apples & cider
--Tom D., New Hampton, NY

Love your Mac apples!
-- Kathleen L., Boston, MA

love it here :)
-- Sarah C., Middletown, NY

I'd rather buy your cider than have any other cider given to me for free - that's how good it is!
-- Jeff B., New Hampton, NY

Thank you for the Founders Day homemade baking
--Margaret A., Campbell Hall, NY

This is the best orchard in the world. I've been coming here for 30 years and have never been disappointed with the quality of the food and service.
-- Brigid M., Middletown, NY

Crispin - best all around apple!
-- Don S., Slate Hill, NY

Thank goodness for local farmers!
-- Virginia M., Middletown, NY

[Just] received the [gift pack] box of Golden Delicious apples yesterday. They are wonderful, thank you. The package is also excellent. Every apple was perfect.
-- William S., Mechanicsburg, PA

Just wanted to stop by and say what a great orchard you have. I have been going to Soons for years. I remember when I was a child coming here with my mother. I love your store! Your apple crumb pie and apple cider are the best! Also the new donuts you make are out of this world! No wonder people drive hours to come to your orchard! Keep it up!
-- Lou J., Goshen, NY

We just love everything that you have, and making a trip to Soons Orchard is one of our family favorite traditions.
-- Sharon C., Harriman, NY

The BEST Empires and the BEST cider ever! We drive 3 hours each way, 3 times per season, to stock up! Soons' Empires are the ONLY apples I will put in my apple crisp! Thanks :)
-- Allison P., Manahawkin, NJ

-- Lawrence M., New York, NY

Always a joy to visit and enjoy the wonderful goodies!
-- Gail B., New Hampton, NY

Come here all the time and love Spike (Jeff Soons's dog) - he makes me smile!
-- Brenda P., Middletown, NY

We love Soons and have been visiting for 5 years. We have a house in the Poconos and live in NYC with 2 kids and 3 cats!
-- John & Ingrid, NY, NY

Everthing is great!
-- Donna L, Goshen, NY

Everything tastes good!
-- Robert G., Bayside, NY

I can't believe I have been shopping here for 34 years!
-- Dave K., Highland Mills, NY

I enjoy coming here
-- Barbara L., Middletown, NY

I love your cider!!
-- Diane L., Goshen, NY

I've never in my life liked apple cider… until I tried Soons's!
-- Bob E., NJ

Keep up the good work
-- Chris H., Monroe, NY

Terrific place
-- Patti S., New Hampton , NY

Thank you for these wonderful apples and peaches
-- Liz A., Middletown, NY

The week of 11-15-05 you had the BEST cider I've ever had in my 63 years. And I've been your customer for decades.
-- Dave K., Bloomingburg, NY

You have a nice selection of apples, fruits and baked goods.
-- Ed A., Campbell Hall, NY

We make the trip from New Jersey for your pumpkin pie!
-- Robert D., Carlstadt, NJ

Looove that peach blueberry crumb pie!
-- Diego S., New Hampton, NY

I (re)met my high school friend here!
-- Regina A., Bayside, NY

We're so glad to finally visit (our friends live up the street)
-- Anne and Roy R., Spring Lake Hts, NJ

Fantastic and well-directed field trip. You did a wonderful job of relating to the preschoolers on their level and also of answering questions from parents. Busy Bees will be back again next year! Thanks again!
-- Kathleen J., Middletown, NY

great orchard
-- Keesha P., Middletown, NY

Great place for delicious fruit and many other items!
-- Joanne E., Lords Valley, PA

great thing!
-- D. Bryson D., Matamoras, PA

Had a good day - thank you!
-- Carol S., Bloomingburg, NY

We had a great time - see you again soon!
-- Janet P., Fort Lee, NJ

We love it!
-- Stacey S., Brooklyn, NY

We've been coming here for years - Love everything!
-- T F., Williston Park, NY

-- Holli H., Brooklyn, NY

Best place for apples, pies & everything you need!
-- Eileen B., New Hampton, NY

Great pie!
-- JoAnn W., Middletown, NY

We've been coming here for years - love everything!
-- Ms. Fenegarinas, Williston Park, NY

--Phyllis M., Staten Island, NY

[came with a] Pre-K class trip - had a great time.
--Cherylann M., Middletown, NY

Your produce is the best I have ever had -- [and] very reasonable prices. Thank you.
-- Richard K., Middletown, NY

Great as always
---Marie A, Monroe, NY

Always liked Soons
---Robert A, Middletown, NY

It's always a pleasure
---J.H. B, Pearl River, NY

Greatest pies and cookies
---Noreen B, Middletown

Great pie, fun apple picking, delicious cider
---MegAnn B, Middletown

Good Pies
---Jay B, Westtown, NY