We make the Best Sweet Apple Cider at Soons!

Cider-Making at Soons Orchards

We press fresh cider one to three times a week starting mid-September ‘til we close, May 31. Available in gallons, half gallons, quarts and pints. Frozen cider available mid-July ‘til supplies run out. We use our cider in our donuts, applesauce, and pies. Another reason they are so delicious! Try cider with oatmeal – you’ll love it! Always refrigerate or freeze your cider; it’s like milk – enjoy it within 7 to 12 days.

Fresh-pressed cider is available daily starting mid-September - with samples on the house!

In July/August we have frozen half gallons while supplies last!

What is it that makes Soons Orchards' Apple Cider So Special?

Our cider tastes great because at Soons Orchards we know clean, cold apples and a clean cider mill are the keys to good taste and purity. Not to mention a special blend of apples – our 50+ varieties mean that every batch is unique!

We are proud of our long history of ongoing improvements since building our dedicated mill in 1963. From retrofitting an apple brusher/washer into the system, using a stainless steel tank to immediately chill the cider, or spending big bucks to put in ultraviolet light (UV) treatment in 1998 – long before anyone thought UV would become the standard in cider-making. Our goal has always been to bring you delicious cider that you can trust. Stop in and taste the difference!
Check out our video (4:56) we made several years ago - we've since gotten a new jugger, but everything else remains the same! Thanks to Clarence Eckerson Jr. for creating the video and for posting up to YouTube.
Customer Testimonials
  • I've been coming to Soons since I was a child. It's a great place, and the cider is the best!Rich G., Middletown, NY
  • I'd rather buy your cider than have any other cider given to me for free - that's how good it is!Jeff B., Goshen, NY
  • I've never in my life liked apple cider… until I tried Soons's!Bob E., New Jersey

Why we "treat" with UV?
Ultraviolet light treatment is a cold process, so all you get is great taste in a super safe cider. UV is used in many places, including municipal water treatment.

Our cider is pure apples – nothing added, nothing removed – and we never use concentrate. In store-bought juice you’ll find apple juice concentrate from China, Brazil and other countries without much regulation. You can rest assured our cider is safe and healthy for you and all your family!

Cider Facts

• Better taste and more nutritious than “apple juice”
• 40 apples yields one gallon of cider
• Makes a great mixer and cooking companion
• Freezes perfectly
Cider Drink Ideas

Cider Martini: use equal parts cider and vodka with a bit of pomegranate juice. Pour the vodka first, add the pom juice in for color, then the cider. Shake or stir and enjoy!

Peachy Cider on the Rocks: use equal parts vanilla vodka and peach schnapps, then add cider to fill a tumbler. Enjoy!

What About Hard Cider?

NEW: We love hard cider and now have our own, called Orchard Hill Sparkling Hard Cider. It's dry, not-too-sweet, and delicious! See what East Coast Wineries said about our cider. Try it at our new Tasting Room.