Soons Orchards Apples

Be an Apple Snob! Get Your Apples at Soons Orchards

We’ve been growing apples since 1910 and today we have 30 acres with 50+ apple varieties. We grow everything from McIntosh and Honeycrisp to Northern Spy and Cameo, so you’ll always find something you’ll like. We care for our apple orchards day in and day out, and when we harvest, we only pick what’s truly ready and at the peak of flavor. Then we store the apples in our coolers at 34 degrees and 90% humidity to keep the apples crisp and juicy. Come in and try our apples, we’re pretty sure you’ll become an “Apple Snob” too, once you Taste the Difference at Soons Orchards!

Some say it’s the best apple cider in the whole world.

Soons has been making sweet apple cider for 50 years! We use all of our apple varieties (with the exception of Fuji), plus additional apples we buy locally, to make the best small batches of apple cider. We press cider in our cider mill one to four times a week depending on the season and make up to 500 gallons at a time. Drop in anytime, mid-Sept til the end of May, to sample the current batch (remember, each batch is unique!). In our farm store we have free cider samples…there’s nothing better than seeing kids walk in the front door and race to the cider sample jug! P.S. Hard cider is coming soon to Soons… stay tuned!

Growing apples is a year-round job! See our cool video featuring Art Soons talking about apple growing at Soons Orchards! (9:29)