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High Quality Hay for Sale by Soons Orchards



Getting Hay is Hot Work!

Attention Horse Farms, Animal Caretakers, Landscapers... Hay for sale

Soons Orchards typically cuts hay throughout the summer... (always on the hottest days it seems!) Depending on the season, we typically have a good supply of high quality mixed grass, alfalfa and timonthy hay, for use as animal feed, plus mulch hay for bedding. (In past years we have sold out by Easter.) Our bales are standard rectangular bales (not "kicker bales") about 40 lbs each. 2012 note: like many others, our alfalfa was seriously impacted by the drought. Very little is available.

Jeff Soons manages hay customers directly (except for mulch hay which can usually be bought in smaller, self-serve quanities by visiting the orchard).

To join the "hay customer list", please e-mail info@soonsorchards with your name and phone number(s) and the best time to reach you, and what grade (alfalfa, mixed grass, mulch) and quantity you are looking for. You may call the orchard at 845-374-5471 and leave a message with the same information, and we will return your call.

Prices vary according to grade of hay and quantities. Please plan to help load your truck/trailer when you pick up. Delivery (minimum req'd.) is available for a fee, but delivery times are limited.